APDD-500 B
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APDD-500 B

APDD-500 B (Acoustic device of distant act) is a compact and easy-to-transport acoustic system of notification of distant radius of action. APDD-500 B provides the transfer of clear, intelligible speech. Narrow-directed beam allows to reach the distance up to 2000 m. Widened frequency diapason provides strict transfer of words and intonation.

Field of usage:

  • voice notification from the helicopters of the security agencies, law enforcement bodies, EMERCOM;
  • transfer of voice messages between vessels without radio;
  • notification of the citizens in case of the emergencies;
  • providing control during manifestations, protests, crowded places;
  • notifications in the areas of danger, carrying out construction works, sand mining;
  • acoustic struggle against birds at airports.

Main characteristics

Acoustic pressure 148 db at a distance of 1 m
Beam width +/-15° @ 1 kHz/-3dB
Communicational options Transfer of clear, intelligible speech at a distance of 2000 m
Dimensions 635х635х305 mm
Material Aluminum, polyethylene, steel.
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