Small Gyro-stabilized video system for UAV QUAD T
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Small Gyro-stabilized video system for UAV QUAD T

Gyro-stabilized system QUAD-T is designed for installing one watching camera.


  • hermetically sealed compartment for camera and controlling system;
  • separate design minimizes rotating mass;
  • software with the option of on-earth control, recording and playback of video, telemetry, tracking of objects and video stabilization.
Used Video Cameras
Camera Resolution Lens Visual angle
Cameras of visible range
Sony FCB-EX480 380K pixels 16.1x Optical 46.6°-2.9°
Sony FCB-EX980 380K pixels 20.8x Optical 52.0°-2.5°
Sony FCB-EX1000 3380K pixels 32x Optical 55.3°-1.7°
Sony FCB-H11(HD) 2,000K pixels 9.1x Optical 36.5°-4°
Prosilica GC Series up to 5M pixels C-mount up to 5M pixels
IR Cameras (LWIR) Limited tilt range due to physical size of lens.
FLIR Photon 320 324 x 256 19mm 36.0°
35mm 20.0°
*50mm 14.0°
Thermoteknix 110K 384 x 288 14.25mm or*32mm 50.5° or 23.7°
Thermoteknix 307K 640 x 480 14.25mm or *32mm 58.6° or 28.1°

Technical characteristics

Horizontal corners+23/-203
Turn speed200/sec
Screen resolution0.05 °
InterfaceRS 232 и CAN
Video outputPAL or NTSC depending on the camera
Power10-30 V
Capacity10 Wt (typic) 18 Wt (max)
Dimensions127*112*178 mm (5.0*4.4*7.0 inches)
Weight900 grams
Working temperature-20 +70
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