MOSP (Multi-mission Optronic Stabilized Payload)
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MOSP Modules

MOSP (Multi-mission Optronic Stabilized Payload) MOSP family is a multi sensor highly stabilized payload for different applications, such as:
  • MOSP for UAVs applications (Day and/or Night and/or LRF);
  • HMOSP for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft applications (Day and/or Night and/or Laser Designator/Range Finder);
  • SeaMOSP same as HMOSP but for maritime applications More than 400 MOSP family systems are in operational use by different armies around the world.
MOSP 3000 encompasses the latest technologies on gimbal and sensor design:
  • Single LRU concept;
  • Lower weight;
  • Improved stabilization;
  • Advanced Image processing.
MOSP 3000-HD design is based on one LRU, fully digital stabilized platform. Sensors package can be equipped with a variety of EO, IR and Laser sensors, optimized to customer missions. MOSP3000-HD has unique sensors in-flight alignment and video image enhancement that significantly improves observation and targeting ranges. Payload's Line OF Sight can be controlled manually or by auto-track, slaving and scanning modes.

Technical characteristics

DimensionsDia: 350 мм, Height: 555 mm for UAV. Dia: 380 мм, Height: 550 мм for helicopters and ground stations
Weight28-32 kg
Stabilization15 mrad
Power Consumption< 200 Wt (600 Wt max)
InterfacesRS-422, NTSC/PAL Video
Thermal Imager
Detector TypeIndium Antimonide, wavelength 3-5 microns
Resolution640х480 pixels
Field Of ViewVarious parameters of the discrete software and continious optical zoom up 900 mm
DayTV (DTV)Various parameters of the continuous, HD quality
Field Of View (FOV)0.3о - 40о
Image ProcessingColor enhancement, dynamic range increase.
OptionsLaser Pointer, Laser Range Finder (LRF), HDTV, INS/GPS
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