POP Family
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POP Family

Tamam's Plug-in Optronic Payload (POP) is a modular, compact, competitively priced gyro stabilized day / night observation, surveillance and targeting system.

POP is based on a unique Plug-in "slice" concept.

The payload is able to host different slices containing a variety of sensor combinations such as Focal Plane Array (FPA) Thermal Imager (IR), color CCD, Laser Pointer, eyesafe Laser Rangefinder and Laser Designator. The "slice" can be easily replaced in the field within minutes, without the need for alignment or adjustment. The slice concept also allows for easy upgrades whenever new sensor slices are introduced.

The following POP configurations are available:

  • POP200 with a 320X240 Thermal Imager, color CCD and a Laser Pointer.
  • POP300 with a 640X480 Thermal Imager, color CCD with near IR capability and a Laser Pointer. An eyesafe Laser Rangefinder is optional.
  • POP300-I with a 640X480 Thermal Imager with improved optics, a color CCD with improved optics and near IR capabilty and a Laser pointer. An eyesafe Laser Rangefinder is optional.
  • POP300LR ("Observer") with a 380X480 or 640X480 Thermal Imager with a new long range zoom lens, a color CCD with a new long range zoom lens, a wide angle CCD and an optional eyesafe Laser Rangefinder.
  • POP300D ("Designator") with a 640X480 Thermal Imager, color CCD with near IR capability and a Laser Pointer, an eyesafe Laser Rangefinder and a powerful Laser Designator (compatible with US and NATO laser guided munitions including Hellfire missiles).

Automatic video tracker for both the thermal and the CCD channels is a standard option on all POP models. The system's electronics is contained within the turret thus allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

POP is ideal for tactical unmanned air vehicles, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, land vehicles and light boats. Over 1400 POPs have been delivered to defence forces and security agencies worldwide


Technical characteristics

Thermal Imager
Detector3-5 mkm 640x480 pixels
Fields ov View (FOVs):Wide, medium, narrow, super-narrow 29 x22, 9.2 x6.9, 2.3 х 1,70, 1.15x0.86
Detector-type, bandColor 1/4, near IR
Optical F.O.V.1,0 ° - 30 °
Electrical Zoom1:2
Total Zoom1:45
Automatic Video Tracker (AVT)Correlative
Laser Pointer
Wavelength Of Operation830 mkm (eye safe)
Beam Divergence0,5 mrad or 0,3 mrad
Laser Range Finder (LRF)
Wavelength1.54 mkm (eye safe)
Dimensions and Weight26Oх38Omm (H) (~ 10) х (~ 15), 16.3Kg (35Lb)
Power Consumption120 Wt
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