Unmanned helicopter SkyPatrol – 150
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Unmanned helicopter SkyPatrol – 150

SkyPatrol-150 complex is robot monitoring system equipped with an internal combustion engine, that allows you to carry up to 12 kg payload. It is used in civil and military purposes. The main application of the system is the inspection and monitoring of remote objects.

To fulfill these tasksSkyPatrol-150 has the following advantages:

  • Vertical take- off and landing;
  • Ability to hover in one place in the coordinates GPS;
  • Excellent maneuverability allows you to fly at ultra low heights (that is inaccessible to the plane) and in close proximity to the examined object;
  • Small effect of crosswinds compared to the UAV aircraft type;
  • Use in a limited space due to the function of vertical takeoff and landing.

Technical characteristics

Length2300 mm
Rotor diameter2018 mm
Take-off weight max35 kg
Cargo capacity12 kg
Independence3-6 h
Speed max126 km/h
Course speed85 km/h
Service ceiling3000 m
Working temperatures range -40 +50 C
Wind (take off and put down)up to 45 km/h
Connection system distanceup to 100 km (more than 100 km – automatic mode or control via satellite Immarsat
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