Unmanned helicopter SkyPatrol – 5
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Unmanned helicopter SkyPatrol – 5

SkyPatrol-5 complex is robot monitoring system equipped with an internal combustion engine, that at small dimensions allows you to carry up to 5 kg payload. It is used in civil and military purposes. The main application of the system is the inspection and monitoring of remote objects.

To fulfill these tasks SkyPatrol-5 has the following advantages:

  • quick deployment by the operators (2 persons);
  • adjustable rotor;
  • autonomous flight (autopilot);
  • equipped with gyro-stabilized system and other systems of payload;
  • compact on-earth station;
  • digital system of data interchange on-line;
  • opportunity of being used in limited space due to the function of vertical take-off and landing.

Technical characteristics

Length2 m
Rotor diameter1.80 m
Take-off weight max15 kg
Weight8.5 kg
Cargo capacity5 kg
Course speed40 km/h
Service ceiling1500 m
Independence45 min
Radius of activity5 km
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