Secure city
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Secure city

Modern reality creates brand new request to the security system. Only keeping pace with the time we can provide high level of security for life, health and property of the people living in metropolis. This is the main reason for developing the project “Secure city”.

Numerous studies show, that without creation of a large-scale security system that will combine all areas related to safety of people and their property, as well as housing and communal services, it is practically impossible to ensure the proper level of protection of life, health and property of citizens.

Aims and tasks of the project:

  • streamline realization of the complex of measures to improve security in the places, where mass gathering of people is expected;
  • creating and developing informational database for speeding up the work of enforcement agencies and other authorized bodies;
  • speeding up and improving the effectivity of all the services, providing security and policing of the citizens.

The project “Secure city” is designed for:

  • realizing the operating control of the situation on the key objects of the metropolis;
  • timely and authentic informing all the services about the emergencies, which demand operating involvement;
  • providing visual information from all the cameras, which are located in any part of the city;
  • informing the law enforcement services about changes of situation in the on-line mode;
  • digital archiving and storage of all incoming audio and video information;
  • providing the opportunity to reconstruct the course of events on the basis of the stored information;
  • monitoring (tracking) and transferring the information from security cameras in automatic mode (automatically) or on-request.

"Secure City" provides ample opportunities to monitor the situation in the city. It includes useful features such as:

  • powerful centralized network video monitoring, covering the entire city;
  • monitoring of public utilities;
  • systems to control access to attics and basements;
  • organization of emergency point with law enforcement;
  • maximum security for kindergartens and schools;
  • face recognition system;
  • transport and traffic control system with license plate recognition.

The system is very flexible and allows us to solve a lot of problems. To do this, it built a broad power to adjust zoom control, it is easy to upgrade and customize to fit your needs. The system perfectly solves such problems as the protection of any urban infrastructure, high-quality security in the streets, stadiums and strategic sites, involving a minimum of human resources.

"Secure City" is a system based on the principles of distributed architecture and modularity that allows you to integrate it into almost any already installed in the facility security system and other software systems. The system uses data mining technology.