Equipment of the Broadband Access “Cyclon” MP. 11
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Equipment of the Broadband Access “Cyclon” MP. 11

Equipment of the Broadband Access “Cyclon” MP. 11 is designed for the deployment of multi-service networks of the city scale.

Designated area:

  • communication networks of the public usage;
  • fixed communication networks;
  • technological communication nets, connected to the network of the public usage;
  • communication nets of the special designation and other communication networks used as fixed radio access for acceptance and transfer of data, working in composition and radio channels.

Networks, designed on the basis of “CYCLON” MP.11, “TAIFUN” PTP 600, “SPECTR 1000” use the technology OFDM and the report of wireless routing for operating outdoors – WORP, which allows to adapt dynamically to constantly changing loading of the net.

Basic station “CYCLON” MP.11 may contain from 1 to 6 sectors. With the aggregate speed of data transfer of up to 54 Mbit/sec, the effective speed (productivity), provided by one sector of the basic station is 22-24 Mbit/sec. Total effective productivity of the 6-sectors basic station is 144 Mbit/sec.

The device for individual clients of the outer construction MP.11 5012 R and inner construction MP.11 5012 – up to 12 Mbit/sec.

Equipment “CYCLON” MP.11 2454 R with the range 2.3 – 2.700 HHz and “CYCLON” MP.11 5054 contains personal data base for the networks of the city scale, functioning in the point-to-multipoint mode.

Equipment радио передающий блок РПД? consists of basic station (BS) and user equipment (user station – US). The equipment of basic station provides wireless communication with user equipment. User equipment allows you to connect personal computers (PC), local area networks (LAN) and the users, using interchange reports Ethernet and IP.

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