System of broadband access “TAIFUN” PTP 600
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System of broadband access “TAIFUN” PTP 600

Equipment “TAIFUN” PTP 600, operating in the range of 5150 … 6400 MHz is designed for data transfer in the “point to point” mode. Equipment “TAIFUN” PTP 600 is manufactured by “Tecnocom Group”. "TAIFUN" PTP 600 - a solution for backbone, wireless, broadband data transmission "point to point" with a large bandwidth. It allows data transfers with a speed of 300 Mbit.

The main advantages of the equipment “TAIFUN” PTP 600:

  • range of products “TAIFUN” PTP 600 allows to connect groups of consumers without using wire lines of connection;
  • allows to overcome geographical barriers (water, heights, places hard to reach) without the use of intermediate stations;
  • using the technologies NLoS and nLos (non-line and pre-line data transfer) allows to use the equipment “TAIFUN” PTP 600 in the conditions where other wireless solutions can`t solve the problem in the absence of a clear line of sight between the objects;
  • high spectral efficiency allows to install large number of connections without creating excessive interference;
  • stable connection between the stations by reducing the interference effect, which increase the quality of the communication;
  • cost-effective solution for setting the lines of connection over long distances without using intermediate repeaters. It allows to reduce the expenses on sky lifts rent and expenses on rent and maintenance of wire communication lines;
  • speed of deployment in field conditions for the benefit of special services, emergency services, security services, quick installation, removal and adjustment of the equipment;
  • range of products “TAIFUN” PTP 600 provides the best practical characteristics and lower or the same price in comparison to other wireless communication systems;
  • small dimensions of antennas and basic blocks allow to reduce the expenses on sky lifts rent and installation;
  • automatic and manual frequency selection allows the best use of the available frequency resources with the highest quality of communication channels.

Technical features:

High speed and spectral effectively Range of products “TAIFUN” PTP 600 provides the highest speed of data transfer. The total swallowing capacity is 300 Mbps for the channel of 30 MHz width. It is 300% better than the similar equipment by other manufacturers;
Dual receivers Any of the devices “TAIFUN” PTP 600 has 2 receivers, which allows either to double the speed of data transfer, or to improve the quality of connection and depending on the conditions of using the equipment.
256 SAI inflection Using the 256-levelled SAI (square amplitude inflection) allows to improve the usage of frequencies variety and increase the speed of data transfer;
Coexistence with WiMAX networks Wonderful example of “TAIFUN” PTP 600 implementation is co-using with “point-to-multipoint” networks WiMAX for the organization of the last mile between the user and basic station. Due to the usage of narrow line of 30 MHz from leased line frequent diapason, the remaining part of the diapason may be used by WiMAX equipment. It allows to create fully wide-lined systems of connection with the user and makes such decision economically extremely beneficial.
Interfaces E1/T1 Interfaces E1/T1 allow to transfer combined traffic including voice and data.

Main fields of using the equipment “TAIFUN” PTP 600

allows to connect the objects or groups of objects at the distance of up to 200 km with the speed 300 Mbit/sec.

allows to set the communication channel at the distance of thousands of kilometers with a small period of time-outs and small numbers of intermediate stations.

allows to organize several communication channels with several remote objects.

Circle network:
allows to organize circle network with huge territory coverage.

Co-usage with the WiMAX equipment:
allows to build fully wireless networks on huge territories using one frequency diapason. It is the most effective and economically beneficial solution in this field.

Usage in the conditions of bad connection and in the absence of a clear line of sight:
allows to set communication channels in the conditions of absence of a clear line of sight between the objects. As barriers there may be forests, high buildings, hills.

In the equipment “TAIFUN” PTP 600 the following is realized:
  • support of QoS in accordance with IEEE 802.16;
  • up to 8 types is QoS;
  • up to 4 service streams per a type;
  • external units of the system have typical solid construction;
  • clipping: unclipped (clear);
  • the number of ports Е1: 0,1,2;
  • compliance with standards G.703/G.704, G.826;
  • synchronization: independent transmit and receive synchronization;
  • interface: Ethernet;
  • interface: 10 / 100 / 1000 Base T (RJ-45) – auto MDI/MDIX, 1000 Base SX;
  • number of ports Ethernet: 1;
  • cryptographic protection;
  • multilevel passwords (user, administrator, installer, manufacturer, engineering).

Technical characteristics

Frequency range5150 … 6400 MHz
Radio bandwidth30 MHz
Step frequency grid10 MHz
Method of separation channels of reception and transmissionTDD
ModulationOFDM 256 – BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM
Output power0 … 25 Dbm
Strengthening integrated antenna23 dBi
Sensivity91 dBm
Power consumption55 Wt
Weight 5,5 kg
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