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Специализированный автотранспорт

LLC "Tecnocom Group" is engaged in professional re-equipment of all models of vehicles for the needs of the customer.

The following model projects were developed and implemented:

  • movable control center;
  • mobile UAV control station;
  • mobile hospital, surgical;
  • communications vehicle.

Due to our own industrial base, we are able to provide the highest quality and short lead times of any complexity. You can be sure - Your mobile laboratory, mobile operating, mobile hospital, or any other converted vehicles will fully comply with all the requirements placed thereon.

Our advantages:

  • we use the equipment and materials of leading world manufacturers;
  • register all changes in the structure of the vehicle and obtain the admission for it to participate in traffic;
  • allow for precise timing and strict conformity declared quality level.

As part of re-equipment of vehicles, we produce the following activities:

  • cabin re-equipment of any complexity;
  • installation of air conditioning and heating (including stand-alone);
  • equip with power electrical systems (inverters, generators, combined energy systems);
  • installation of ventilation;
  • equip with communications;
  • installation of fire extinguishing systems;
  • setup and installation of control equipment UAV;
  • equip with computer and video systems, video monitoring and video recordings;
  • hatches of arbitrary configurations;
  • mast system;
  • • equip with household systems (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.).

We supply reequipped cars for Ministry of Internal Affairs, EMERCOM and the army. Our company is well aware that the quality of our work can affect people's lives.

Carelessness is unacceptable, so we carefully monitor the quality and strict compliance with all requirements of the customer.