Mobile center of Emergency Management
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Mobile center of Emergency Management

Mobile center of Emergency Management is used for interaction, receiving and processing operational information from the place of rescue works in emergency situations of natural and manmade. It is a finished product on the basis of KAMAZ-43118 and it serves for the exchange of different types of information with other controls by satellite and radio communications, and, if possible, is connected to the fixed communication centers and wire channels.

The mobile center is composed of the technical means to perform the following functions:

  • providing radio communication;
  • exchanging documentary information;
  • video conferencing;
  • transmission of data using radio and satellite communication channels;
  • commutation of all radio facilities and satellite phone communications to workplaces through the ATS;
  • video monitoring with image display on the workplace and video registration of the situation;
  • lighting in the dark;
  • operation of radio facilities and satellite communication in motion and at rest;
  • the preparation time is minimized through the use of the latest technologies and tools. Deployment time - 30 minutes.

Structure of the Mobile center:

Mobile center of Emergency Management is a retrofitted off-road vehicle of modular type. It consists of the following components (sections):

  • base chassis;
  • staff compartment for 4 work places;
  • operator compartment for 4 work places;
  • technical compartment.

Base chassis

The mobile center is mounted on the chassis of KAMAZ-43118- off-road, with wheel formula 6 × 6 and load capacity of 12 tones. It provides preservation of working capacity of special equipment in full after moving complex on the distance of 500 km or more without refueling. It is equipped with:

  • flashing light;
  • headlight Searchlight 4 pcs .;
  • loudspeaker 4 pcs .;
  • installation of lighting.

Staff compartment.

Staff compartment is designed for the following applications:

  • the collection and generalization of information in the area of emergency situation;
  • forecasting and assessment of possible situation, proposals to conduct rescue operations and disaster management;
  • conducting selector meetings with superior body of control via videoconference.
Staff compartment is equipped with air conditioning system to provide a comfortable work of operative group at any time of the year.

Operator compartment.

Operator compartment is designed to provide users with various services of data communications from the unprepared areas.

It is possible to realize the following functions:

  • collection of video information;
  • converting the data into standard formats for storage, processing and transmission;
  • collection of information about the actions of personnel of rescue forces;
  • communication and information for the staff members.

Equipment reliability

All equipment used in the polyurethane foam is designed for long-term work around the clock under the conditions (for external equipment performance):

  • the air temperature from -20C to + 40C;
  • relative humidity up to 98% at + 25 ° C;
  • an atmospheric pressure of 60 kPa (450 mmHg).

The equipment retains its settings after staying at a temperature -30 ° C to + 50 ° C and by the nature of the application relates to the number of possible functioning states, continuous long-term use.

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