Recreation vehicle
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Recreation vehicle

The recreation vehicle is adapted for autonomous use and provides conditions of recreation for operational staff when deploying the product on the vehicle in the field at ambient temperatures ranging from -50 to + 50 ° C, 100% relative humidity, dust content of 1.5 g / m3, wind speed of 20 m / s and in zones located at an altitude of 4000 m above sea level.

Recreation vehicle meets the requirements of rail transportation (fits into the main rail size (according to TC of Stowage and Securing in wagons and containers, Russian Ministry of Railways on May 27, 2003. №TSM-943)) and plane transportation of military transport aircraft (fits in the size of the aircraft IL-76 ).

Recreation machine consists of the following component parts:

  • transport base (KAMAZ-43114-1029-15);
  • Box-body TG-76;
  • a single SPTA set for the chassis and basic equipment;
  • a set of operational documentation.

Box body consists of the following components:

  • modules of recreation;
  • housing of box body;
  • life-support systems;
  • fire equipment and fire alarm systems.

Description of the recreation module

The module is provided by all conditions for recreation of eight officers: there are 4 lockers with soft element for port and starboard (100 mm high) and 4 top beds with soft element (100 mm high). There are metal handrails to access the upper beds. Above each resting place there is a fan in the protective performance. The module has 4 opening and 4 of the Deaf (in bevel of the box body) windows. There is a folding table (height x width, mm 800x900), a shelf for connection of telephone, an office chair (with the possibility of rigid fastening to the floor) and a portable powder fire extinguisher OC-3 - 1 pc. in front of the module. There is a work lamp above the table and an electronic clock connected to the onboard network of transport base. There is a two-folding four-shelf closet between the beds. Opposite the closet there is a kitchen module. On the bottom shelf of the kitchen modules there is a freezer (useful volume of 40 liters, size, height x width x depth, mm, 600h400h400). Above the fridge there is a microwave set on the next shelf (1 kW, 20 liter). All pieces of furniture have the secure fastening and fixing in transport position. They also have locks and handles and don’t extend beyond the panel of the product.

Technical characteristics of box body:

  • weight (without vehicle), kg - 2000;
  • internal dimensions, length x width x height, mm - 5100 x 2400 x 1850.

Technical characteristics of box body heating and ventilation systems:

Heating and ventilation system includes Webasto 5 kW with fuel system and FVUA-100A. Air Conditioning Dometic HB2500 is mounted on the front wall of the body in a thermally insulated box of sealed construction and connected by the ducts with the body of the van.

The parameters of electrical equipment of the recreation vehicle:

The maximum total power of its own electro receivers, kW - 3; Types and modes of lighting - general, standby, blackout and local (for lighting beds). On the ceiling of box body there are 9 LED lamps, of 5 W power each. Receiver power of electric energy in recreation vehicle is provided by the external network 380/220 V (provided transit supply).

We provided the work for lighting and heaters from Webasto battery chassis (with turned off external power supply), and from the power supply in 220/24 with turned on external power supply. JSCB 24 V E are installed For a smooth transition from an external power supply to the chassis and the battery back into the supply chain of a heater and lighting. Power of lighting tools provides lighting system operation from the backup power, consisting of batteries for 30 min when accidents – from electricity system. Connecting to a power source is carried out through the introductory device (power input) using the cables from the products.

Electric equipment of the products meets the requirements of the Rules for Electrical Installation. Electrical energy converter is installed for conversion of electric energy from 24 to 220. The side panel is equipped with a combined ASP (input switching).

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