Command vehicle
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Command vehicle

The command vehicle of "Tecnocom Group" production is intended to provide working conditions for operational staff in the field. At the expense of its versatility this type of machine can be used in field mobile control posts of all levels. The internal layout of the command vehicle allows providing work for operational staff up to 6 people, both individually and combined control point.

The command vehicle is composed of the technical means to perform the following functions:

  • meetings with the use of video conferencing;
  • document exchange through the document camera and video conferencing;
  • exchange of video and audio information and display on the screens of command vehicle and channels of video conferencing;
  • combining machines into the control network and integration into the network by the Ministry of Interior closed channels of communication;
  • closed and open communication with the use of optical and copper SCS;
  • construction of distributed optical network using the weatherproof tactical fiber optic cables and connectors;
  • closed and open telephone communication;
  • full computer software with the most modern portable graphics workstations;
  • operational control through a private FM radio with deploying mobile radio set;
  • autonomous power supply of the command and recreation vehicles of up to 4-6 units with the use of autonomous DHEA 10 BRC supplied;
  • universal connection to any industrial power networks with a voltage of 380/220 V;
  • work in offline mode on battery power for 3 hours;
  • comfortable rest for management staff;
  • maintenance of constant comfortable temperature by means of heating, air conditioning and ventilation;
  • transportation under its own power, rail and planes of military transport aircraft.

The composition of the command vehicle:

Command vehicle has KAMAZ chassis and LCV TG-76 or others on request. It is composed of the following main systems:

  • climate control;
  • electrical equipment;
  • automation;
  • communications.

Climate control system performs the following functions:

  • heating box body;
  • air-conditioning box body;
  • ventilation of body of the van.

The electrical system has the following components:

  • remote diesel electric unit 10 kVA;
  • uninterruptible Power Supply 9 kW with a set of JSCB;
  • protection and automatic control (380/220 V);
  • power cable entry.

The automation system is composed of the following components:

  • means of video conferencing;
  • portable graphics workstations 4 pieces;
  • switching means of video information on the base of matrix switcher;
  • display means - Monitors 32 "2 pcs (optional).

The communication system is composed of the following components:

  • computer network Ethernet;
  • Optical Network;;
  • a network of video-audio information;
  • Telephone Network of open communication.
  • mobile autonomous complex VHF;
  • closed telephone communication devices 2 pieces;
  • open telephone communication devices 4 pcs .;
  • automotive VHF.

On customer request we produce body of different sizes and layouts, body of variable volume and body - containers. They are equipped to the customer's request or on the basis of our existing designs.

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